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About Dr. Powerwash - Your Trusted Charlottesville Professional Pressure Washer

Dr. Powerwash

If you are looking for a top-quality pressure washer in Charlottesville, you have come to the right place!

Our motto at Dr. Powerwash is: "Trustworthy, attentive, and efficient." Our pressure washing pros follow this philosophy to the letter with every client, every time!

  • Trustworthy - You can trust us to give you our best every time!
  • Attentive - We listen! We want to know exactly what you want so we can ensure that we meet and beat your expectations!
  • Efficient - We want to be thorough, but we also want to minimize the impact of our providing our services to your daily life. We are committed to being in and out as quickly as possible without compromising the highest standards of pressure washing quality and thoroughness!

As the leading pressure washer in the Charlotte area, we offer any pressure washing service required for almost any building, either commercial or residential. Whether it's your office that needs to be touched up or a simple house washing, we've got you covered. We can even do your windows while we're at it.

Because pressure washing is our way of life, we're committed to quality through communication. We believe that beginning-to-end communication with our customers is essential to getting the job done right, and getting the job done fast. Weekends are no problem if that what it takes.

Our pressure washing professionals are trained in every aspect of our trade. We want to share our extensive knowledge and experience with you. We want to answer your questions and provide any advice you may need to ensure you get the most out of our pressure washing services. Our team of professionals is standing by to take your call and answer those questions.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for professional pressure washer in Charlottesville, please call 434-207-6783 or complete our online request form.