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Red Clay Stain Removal Specialist For Homes and Businesses In Charlottsville

Red clay stain removal

Locals are lucky to have gorgeous mountains and lush forests living in this part of Virginia, but these beautiful vistas come with a downside- red clay. Red clay is notorious for leaving brick-red stains wherever it goes, but Dr. Powerwash' red clay stain removal can help your Charlottsville property stay pristine despite the mess.

Red clay doesn't come out with just your typical pressure washing. Its red color comes from iron oxide, aka rust, which isn't very water-soluble. To make our red clay stain removal effective, we utilize precise concentrations of acidic-based cleaners to break the bonds between iron oxide and the stained surface.

We are very careful to only use enough chemicals to thoroughly complete the job, using biodegradable options that are EPA-approved. All of our red clay stain removal jobs are finished off with a thorough rinsing that removes any remaining traces of cleaner for a property that's as safe as it is clean. We hold ourselves to high standards to consistently provide superb power washing for Charlottsville locals, and we don't settle for anything less than a safe and spotless job well done.

If you're sick of red clay stains marring your property, it's time to make a change. Reach out to Dr. Powerwash and request a free quote by following the link on our website or calling 434-285-0234.

 Commercial Red Clay Stain Removal

With red clay being so prevalent in our dirt, any area with high traffic or lots of activity is eventually going to start gathering red clay stains, especially busy businesses and commercial properties. If your commercial property has a red clay stain problem, it's time to call in the big guns. We'll come out to you, assess the level of staining, and get to work making it go away ASAP. If you need help cleaning a new construction site or any area that doesn't have running water, we'll clean it all the same with our mobile pressure washing system.

Residential Red Clay Stain Removal

Storms, footprints, and dirty tire tracks can kick up tons of red clay and deposit it all over your sidings and hardscaping. If your attempts to get those obnoxious stains off of your own have fallen short, we'll take care of you. Our house washing, sidewalk cleaning, and driveway washing can all be modified to prioritize red clay stain removal and wash out those stubborn stains for you.

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