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Pressure Cleaning Services Preparation

How To Prepare Your House For A Power Washing Service

From Dr. Powerwash - Charlottesville, VA

Pressure Washing – Dr. Powerwash wants to make sure that your home and surrounding property are protected while we work. We have created this pressure cleaning services preparation guide for our clients convenience. Please take note of the sections that apply to the type of pressure washing needs your home or business has. Our pressure cleaning preparation guide also helps us keep our pressure cleaning prices affordable to all our clients.

House Washing Service / Roof Cleaning

  • Please park all vehicles at-least twenty feet from areas to be pressure washed or soft washed.
  • Please make sure all windows are locked and doors are completely closed. Please notify us before we start if you know of any leaking doors or windows. We can then use special care around that area to prevent any water from entering your home.
  • Please move any potted plants close to the house at least 20 feet from the house. If your home has a screened in porch, please remove all items on the porch and most importantly any fabric that can potentially be discolored or ruined by our soap mixes.
  • Please remove any screens on your porch or windows (should you want the house power washed without them.) The best way to remove screens before power washing or soft washing is from the inside of the house.
  • To remove screens, simply slide the window up and pop the screen loose. Then, slide it through the window and inside the house. This will also help you from getting the screens mixed up as it will be placed right inside the corresponding window.
  • When completing a Roof Cleaning service, we will be rinsing the house and the areas close to the house with water. We rinse both before and after the Roof Cleaning so that any potential soap spray that misses the roof is completely diluted. All of the above preparation requirements for a House Washing service apply for Roof Cleaning as well.

Deck Power Washing

Are you getting ready to have your deck power washed. Please remove all deck furniture and items from your deck prior to power washing. If you do have heavy deck furniture that you are unable to move, we can more than likely work around this, but please consult with one of our Pressure Washing Professionals first.

If you have fabric of any kind on your deck please remove it. This includes all the cushions, pillows, padding, and any other items you see. Our soap mix that kills the mold on the deck will have sodium hypochlorite in it that could discolor and possibly ruin your items.

Driveway Power Washing / Walkway Power Washing

When preparing your driveway or walkway to be power washed, make sure there is nothing on the surface that is to be cleaned. Please remove any vehicles, potted plants, or anything else prior to your driveway or walkway power washing services.

Exterior Window Cleaning

  • If you have screens on the outside of your windows, please remove them for a proper exterior window cleaning.
  • To remove screens, simply slide the window up and pop the screen loose. Then, slide it back through the window and inside the house. This will also help you from getting the screens mixed up as it will be placed right inside the corresponding window.
  • If the screens are not removed our exterior cleaning professionals will only be able to properly clean the windows without a screen in front of them.

Additional Notes:

We require 72-hour notice on cancellations or rescheduling. When you have set a schedule with us, it is an agreement for service, and you have agreed to our company policy with regard to the outline below. Please understand that it requires time and expense to plan a pressure washing project and arrive at your location. The following fees apply:

Cancellations: $150.00 fee

Due to our workload, we encourage our customers to ensure that their properties are prepared so that our technicians may work as efficiently as possible during this process.

Pressure Washing – Dr. Powerwash is not responsible for the following:

  • Mold underneath caulking
  • Windows that are left open (we will avoid that area if you are not home)
  • Water seepage through doors/windows/sliding glass doors / Stained fabrics or floors (please check the interior of your home after service is completed and wipe up any water) (If you have water seepage you have a bigger issue, that is not caused by our service)
  • Black streaks on gutter exteriors, also known as “Tiger Stripes” (these can be removed by Dr. Powerwash as an extra service)
  • Pre-existing broken or cracked windows/seals on windows
  • Light fixtures/electrical outlets/gfci switches that short out. (If you have had a breaker or GFCI trip, you just need to reset it)
  • Work that we cannot get to due to locked gates, bushes or shrubs against property preventing access, outdoor pets, cars in the driveway or trash

We are extremely grateful to be working with you and appreciate you reaching out to Dr. Powerwash!

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