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4 Benefits of Commercial Exterior Building Washing

Commercial Building Washing

It is well known that one of the highest priorities of property managers and commercial building owners is to maintain a high-quality building appearance. Having clean surfaces increases the cosmetic appeal and draws more customers or renters. The problem is that it is often very difficult to wash the exterior of large buildings. Many areas of these buildings are unreachable from the ground and very dangerous to attempt to clean with traditional pressure washing.

Commercial building owners and property managers have a lot of going against them when battling to keep the exterior surfaces clean. With our humid central Virginia weather, mold buildup can begin after just one season. The mold buildup is sometimes green mold but on commercial buildings, the mold is often an unsightly black mold. Additionally, dirt, pollution grime, bird droppings, grease, graffiti, and even coffee spills can ruin the appearance of the building, windows, and sidewalks.

At Dr. Powerwash, we use a soft washing technique to remove all of the mold, dirt, and grime from the entire building. Our professionals can reach areas of extreme height and hard to reach areas no matter how built up the mold or grime may be.

Soft Washing Increases Your Buildings Curb Appeal

The clean and fresh look of a home after a house wash using our soft washing technique provides an increased opportunity for a homeowner to sell. The increased curb appeal after a commercial building wash using our soft washing technique is even more important and productive. The building will look newer and more eye-catching. The clean and new look will attract more customers, renters, or even buyers to your building. Customers and employees alike will enjoy coming to the building more and understand it is a high-quality facility!

Exterior Commercial Cleaning Prevents Damage and Repairs

Mold growth not only looks bad, but it can also get into the cracks of the building and cause major damage. Mold will wear away the roof, soffit, wood, and siding. Even brick can deteriorate over time if left uncleaned. Soft washing of the building and roof will prevent damage and will save you money in the long run. Additional exterior cleaning services such as Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning will also prevent damage to the foundation of the building and prevent water from getting inside the structure.

A Clean Exterior Attracts Higher Paying Customers

Upon first glance, customers automatically calculate the product inside a building based on how it looks on the outside. First impressions are important and higher-paying customers want high-quality products. The same could be said for renters or those looking to buy a commercial building. If the building is well maintained on the outside, then it is considered much more likely to be well maintained on the inside. When products or rental space is considered higher quality then higher prices can be charged. Therefore, the clean exterior of a building will bring about more revenue than one that is not well maintained.

Commercial Building Cleaning Increases Health and Prevents Injury

An exterior building cleaning promotes health and benefits your employees in many ways. All of the exterior surfaces will be sanitized, and any bacteria or viruses will be killed off immediately. The removal of mold will allow employees and customers to breathe in clean air that will have tremendous health benefits compared to breathing in disease-causing, moldy, air. Allergies, sinus problems, and missed workdays will be reduced immediately after the cleaning. Also, the clean atmosphere will increase positivity in the workplace environment which will improve overall health.

Employees and customers will also be safer with the removal of mold, grease, and algae from sidewalks and other surfaces. Workplace falls are one of the most common causes of injury and our pressure washing of sidewalks will significantly reduce the chances of falls. After completing the pressure washing, we would follow up with a soft wash of the sidewalks to prevent the regrowth of mold. This additional step doubles down on our goal to help improve the health and safety of your workplace.

By Dr. Powerwash

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