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Latest Project from Dr Powerwash: Barn Powerwashing for Goat Yoga Farm in Earlysville, VA

Barn power washing earlysville va

I received a call asking to do the outside of a barn recently, in Earlysville, VA. I found a long 1 story horse barn when I went out do the estimate. I scheduled the job for a couple weeks out with the extremely kind customer. The next week we had some very rough weather and I had to reschedule a job because of high winds. Fortunately, this gave me an opportunity to powerwash the barn earlier than expected. I called and the property owner was delighted for me to wash that day. The wash went smoothly and I used a combination of soft washing and pressure washing to clean it up nicely. I rode by some goats and horses on the way out and thought that this was a really cool farm. The next day, the customer wrote an awesome post on their facebook business page about our company and linked it to our facebook page. I then found out that the farm we completed the project offered Goat Yoga Classes. It is a very neat place and it is definitely the first goat yoga business that we have completed an external cleaning project for!

Services Used in Project:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Soft Washing

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